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Clients and Testimonials

“I am leaving this training with new understandings of leadership, and ways of thinking corporate strategy. I can easily adapt what I’ve learned. Everyone can benefit from this kind of training.”

- Synovus Leadership Institute Group #46 -

“This program was transformative for my career and will mark a ‘before and after’ event for me.”

- TSYS Leadership Program participant -

“What a wonderful journey toward more effective leadership this week! I am very happy to work for a company that gives their leadership an opportunity to grow and strengthen their skills. It has raised my commitment to the organization and to the work we do. Thank you!”

- Opteum Financial Services program participant -

Synovus Financial Corporation

“Best professional development training that I have had the privilege to be a participant. Truly grateful for having been here.” - Synovus Leadership Institute Group #38 -
“This is the most beneficial training I have ever experienced. Bar’s work with us was exceptional. I would recommend her training without reservation.” - Synovus Leadership Institute Group #44 -
  • Primary facilitator in the Synovus Leadership Institute for four years.
  • Helped develop and facilitate a two week leadership assessment and skill-building program that served hundreds of leaders and helped build a corporate culture that landed Synovus on many “best of” lists

Total Systems Global Services, Inc. (TSYS)

“Bar was excellent. For me she made the difference between this being a good week and a great week. We were so fortunate to have the opportunity to learn from her.” - TSYS -
  • Trained workshop participants to think strategically about change processes and proactive leadership
  • Interpreted leadership assessments and supported growth through ongoing one-on-one coaching

HomeBanc Mortgage Corporation

“The program is excellent! Lots of opportunity for building relationships and learning. It’s great to see growth in others and share an appetite for learning and getting better.” - HomeBanc Mortgage Corporation -
  • Lead teams through leadership assessment tools
  • Delivered training for effective leadership strategies
  • Provided one on one coaching for optimal and personalized growth strategies

Emory University Employee Council

“The exercises on conflict management that Bar led us through were excellent, challenging, and very telling. A wonderful experience.” - Emory University Employee Council -
  • Delivered workshop in effective conflict management skills
  • Trained workshop participants in cutting edge feedback tools to maximize team member effectiveness

Curtiss-Wright Engineering

“This was a great leadership program. I cannot say enough about the structure of the classes as well as the instructors!” - New Business Leaders, Curtiss-Wright Engineering -
  • Administered and interpreted leadership assessments
  • Provided personalized executive coaching to workshop participants

The Georgia Council on Healthcare Reform

“What I learned about the power of leading while serving will fundamentally inform the way I lead my team in the future.” - Georgia Council on Healthcare Reform -
  • Helped develop and deliver a workshop on cutting-edge models of leadership

Cal Turner Program for Moral Leadership in the Professions

“Wonderful program and leadership for a group as diverse as ours.” - Cal Turner Program for Moral Leadership in the Professions -
  • Delivered workshop on understanding the people side of business

Opteum Financial Services

“Bar made the lessons gleaned from the 360 instrument feedback easier to understand, and guided me through the process of applying the information to a more effective leadership style at work.” - Opteum Financial Services -
  • Delivered workshop on understanding the people side of business
  • Supported organizational analyses and identify organizational impediments to leadership
  • Interpreted assessments in personalized executive coaching

See See Eye Design Communications

“Bar was very passionate in teaching us how to be better at our jobs.” - See See Eye -
“Bar led the leadership workshop with integrity, wisdom and dedication.” - See See Eye -
  • Administered a group assessment designed to help participants understand their best ways to collaborate
  • Developed and delivered a workshop geared toward increased cooperation and teamwork
  • Provided individualized coaching for the top executives in the company guiding them toward more effective leadership
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